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What Do Pro-Audio and Translation Industries Have in Common?

New project – the sweet melody you hear when a new product is planned for its design and rollout. Deadline – busy days, sleepless nights, hectoliters of coffee as well as hours of meetings and training with your colleagues and external collaborating parties. Planning, budgeting, setting up the team, workflow steps, the choice of tools and resources. Sounds familiar? Of course. Sounds like the pro-audio/music business reality? Sure it does. But guess what? If someone asked me, I would say it’s the translation/localization business reality. Interesting, isn’t it?

The fact is that our industries have a lot in common. Perhaps not in terms of what we do as it’s mostly a product vs. service thing, but in terms of how we do it. Engineering an album involves a standard 3-step workflow: recording, mixing and mastering. Translation needs 3 basic steps as well: translation, editing/revision and proofreading. In both cases it ensures the top final quality of the output. And yes, you can say OK: your industry is not the only one that edits previously saved work as one of the steps in the process. We both use tools that make our work better, faster and more consistent to save us time, money and resources in the end, while providing top-notch results: you have DAWs, we have CATs (Computer Aided Translation tools) – software that empowers everyone involved to use their talents to the limit where they simply deliver a great job. We can automate certain process steps in our TMSs (Translation Management Systems), just like you do in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Cakewalk, Reason and other great tools of this type. Well, we can even automate the translation itself, but MT (Machine Translation) is another story and it was briefly touched upon in a previous blog article (click here to read it). Our tools have some productivity plug-ins just the same as your tools. Last but not least, we all believe in Quality Assurance and improving the process.

“But it’s just translation, anyone can do it”, you might say. Well, “It’s just entertainment – you press Record and it’s done” – others may respond. The truth is that there’s so much more behind the scenes than meets the eye. Great minds think alike, they say. I could convert it to “Great industries act alike”. Pro-audio/music and translation/localization industries both act on the border of science, technology and art. Here creative people can realize their creative visions with the use of innovative products. Both give exceptional tools to exceptional individuals for exceptional results. These similarities can lead to understanding each other better, building meaningful long-term relationships and then going together in the same direction for the benefit of users all over the world. Are you coming with me?

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