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Why to Translate at All – 7 Quick Reasons Why Translation in Pro-Audio and Music Does Matter

If you do global business and target customers speaking different languages, at some point of your company development you face the necessity of investing in translation. Why? Because your potential clients out there prefer information in their native languages. So, if you don’t give them what they want, most likely they will turn to your competition that speaks with them the way they expect.

“What about the numbers to prove it,” you ask? Here you are.

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5 Main Mistaken Beliefs about Translation in the Pro Audio and Music Industry

Pro audio and music are great industries. Often times, you feel like a kid in a toy store. You talk to people you have heard of many times, you visit the companies that 20 years ago appeared as some distant dream. You get closer not only to the people but to the products you have always admired and wanted to have. But the moment you say what you do, you often hear “Ah, translation. Our assistant does it.”. Or worse: “Localization? What is it? Ah, you mean translation? We have that guy for it.” or “That’s interesting what you’re saying but I thought it’s just translation – anyone can do it”. This way you come to the conclusion that there are so many mistaken beliefs about translation in the pro audio and music industry that you need to start a fight in order to immediately straighten things out. Here we go then.

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